Sacred Circle Dance Workshop

Sunday, August 15, 2015
1:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Margie Bettiol Studio
Guide: Kelly Van Raalte
Fee: $40

The Sacred Circle Dance was introduced to the Findhorn Foundation community in Scotland in 1976 by Bernhard Wosien who brought traditional circle dances that he’d gathered from across Eastern Europe. The dance has thrived worldwide as dancers engage with the power of the circle as it moves and transforms energy. Sacred Circle Dance offers a way of being and relating, and an opportunity to experience oneness with each other and the world.

No dance experience necessary. Please wear comfortable clothing, socks or soft shoes.

About Kelly Van Raalte
An avid learner, Kelly has studied with experts in the fields of intrinsic healing, energy modalities, transpersonal, cross-cultural and spiritual practices. She follows the Red Road and has a love of many spiritual pathways, teachings and practices.

Since her early retirement as a professor and coordinator at Canadore College in North Bay, Ontario, Kelly’s worked as a psychotherapist in private practice. She also presents sessions internationally where she facilitates workshops, ceremony and rites of passage rituals, presentations on spiritual emergence, drum making ceremonies, Sacred Circle Dance workshops and Shamanism. She lives in the country by a river, enjoys nature, and embraces synchronicities in her life.

Kelly holds a Master of Transpersonal Psychology from Sofia University, along with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing Education and Administration from Ottawa University. Kelly has extensive background in the fields of psychiatric/mental health nursing, and taught in Diploma and Post Diploma college programs for over 25 years.