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A variety of workshops and gatherings are available. Some are intended for self-reflection, self-discovery and personal deep healing, mostly for women, a few are for both men and women. Some of the workshops are intended for fun and creativity. These are offered primarily in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and some in selected locations in Canada.

About Margie

I’m an artist, clothing and accessory designer, seamstress and environmentalist. I practice and promote natural healing arts. I’m dedicated to organizing workshops throughout Canada with leading spiritual practitioners and creative thinkers. The intent of my work is to soothe mind, body and spirit and to mindfully experience peace, joy, health and beauty.

Recently on the Blog...

Women’s Retreat-Painting with Intention

I have been studying Intentional Creativity with Shiloh Sophia in California. Given my extensive background in Energy Medicine and my interest in quantum physics & how it teaches us about how our human brains actually work, Intentional Creativity is a … Read more Women’s Retreat-Painting with Intention

Building Connections Between Cultures

I’m really pleased to share that I recently sponsored Anishinabek elder, Rita Fenton from Fort William First Nation to travel to Chile to meet with Medicine Woman and Spiritual Counselor, Luzclara. Rita will be teaching traditional Ojibwe practices to people … Read more Building Connections Between Cultures

Margie Bettiol Original Cards

Cards with my original paintings are available for purchase in Thunder Bay, Ontario at Ahnisnabae Art Gallery (18 Court St. S.), Wojo’s Mojo (189 Algoma St. S.) and Bliss Café (87 Cumberland St. N.). Specialty cards (wedding, etc.) and box … Read more Margie Bettiol Original Cards

Margie Bettiol - Conscious Change

Margie Bettiol - Conscious Change

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